The Whispering Forest

Once, a short while ago, in a land fairly close, a race of small creatures was discovered called Woodlings.
Not much is known about Woodlings,  they are very elusive creatures, but we do know that once a human
being has made contact with a Woodling, their lives are forever changed by the Magic of The Whispering

Woodlings come from Woodlbury which is set deep in the heart of the Whispering Forest.  They are
small half elf  and half fairy-like creatures who love nature, although  they can be a bit mischievious, they are very kind.

Woodlings will often venture into the world of humans to indulge in their favourite pastime — people
watching.  Sometimes  Woodlings will play games with the humans, one of their favorites is to take things that humans put away and then watch what happens when they can't find them, they will hold onto the article until the human,

gives up looking and then they will return it to place the human thought they put it in the first place.

Another favourite game is to remove one sock from each pair that goes on the clothes line and then return it
on the next wash day.  Apart from these occasional tricks, the Woodlings are very fond of  humans and will always try to help them, and because they are so  magical they
have a way of making a person feel better when they are sad, and encourage creativity.
 Baby Woodlings  are called  Kindlings, and are born with out wings or color, they are kept in care flowers until they develop.
 The Woodlings love all the creatures of The Whispering Forest, although their favourite by
far is the Squirookle.

The Squirookle is a very affectionate animal that has an endless need to be hugged and stroked. If a Squirookle is not being held, they can be attached to the refrigerator where the humming sound comforts them.
The Crystal Sea is on the southern border of The Whispering Forest and is where Shelly Mermaid comes from.  Shelly is from Aquos which is under the Crystal Sea.  Shelly has pet sea horses and starfish to care for and is always looking for adventures.

Bungles are very friendly little creatures with very large appetites.  Not incredibly smart, they live on Bungle Bluff which is overlooking Whispering Forest.

They have become very good friends with the Woodlings ever since the day that they came into The Whispering Forest to find the 'Woodle berries', which they had heard they could find in the Whispering Forest.  You can imagine their surprise when they discovered that Woodlbury was in fact not a sweet berry, but the home of the Woodlings!
Nevertheless, they have become great friends to the Woodlings and help look after the many creatures of The Whispering Forest.

On the northern side of The Whispering Forest is a small village called 'Tuggle Town'.  It is home to many characters like Little Lizzy, Hollycow and many more.  Tuggle Town is a lovely community.  All are welcome at Tuggle Town, a friendly place that cares for all sorts of individuals.

The Woodlings have many friends in Tuggle Town.  It was in Tuggle Town that the Woodlings first met Horion the baby dragon.  Horion lives in the Whispering Forest with the Woodlings.
He doesn't breath fire because those cheeky Woodlings keep feeding him ice cream.
Harmony is a wish fairy, she is a cousin of the Woodlings, twice removed of course.  The Woodlings met Harmony one day in The Whispering Forest, after a little mishap with magic.  Apparently Harmony was wishing that she could see more of The Whispering Forest when, Poof!, she found herself more than a little stuck at the very top of the trees.   Woodlings  heard her calling for help, and climbed up to rescue her.  After talking most of the day away, they came to the conclusion that you really must be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.

Harmony loves to dance and sing and you will often find her dancing around mushee or singing to the squirookles.  Harmony never means to cause trouble, however some of her magic does go astray which makes for some interesting adventures in the Whispering Forest.
One day whilst in the Forest, Harmony met Hunny Bunny.  Hunny comes from Tuggle Town, she is very kind and thoughtful and a close personal friend of the Easter Bunny.  Hunny used to work for the Easter Bunny painting eggs and finding good hiding places for Easter egg hunts.  She is now the Tuggle Town Librarian, but she still helps out the Easter bunny at Easter. Harmony and Hunny have become great friends and often go for long walks to the Crystal Sea. One fine day whilst walking by the Crystal Sea they happened upon Shelly, who was busy trying to teach the sea creatures how to play hide and seek.

Apparently Arwon the sea horse – a loyal and loving creature – did not want to hide on his own, so Shelly asked Stella starfish to go with him. Stella was more at home just sitting with Shelly and was not so keen to play hide and seek, nonetheless she helped out.

Meanwhile Jewly the Dolphin was leaping in the air with excitment, which made it quite impossible to play properly.  All this made for a very interesting spectacle.  Harmony and Hunny watched for hours while they all played.

Bessy Bungle is the wife of Boris, The Lord Mayor of Bungle Bluff.  Bessy is a happy character who loves to
cook for anyone who visits Bungle Bluff. A good listener, Bessy always has time for everyone.

Although Bungles are not known for their intelligence, they have big hearts, as big as their feet.  Bungles have a
way of making people feel accepted and appreciated.

Boris is the Lord Mayor of Bungle Bluff.  He is a fine and fair man, who doesn't mind getting his hands dirty.  As
you know, the Bungles met the Woodlings while looking for food.  Bungles love to eat and Boris is no exception. Bessy Bungle The Bungles live in peace and harmony with all that surrounds them, always ready with a helping hand and a kind word. Bungles are true friends to all.

Tilly Kangaroo lives on the outskirts of Tuggle Town , where she can practice her jumping skills.  Tilly is a friendly character and enjoys long walks through the Whispering Forest.  She is the Tuggle Town primary school teacher and all the children love her.
There are so many things happening in and around the Whispering Forest these days.   Apparently new creatures are being discovered as we speak, the famous Dr Cooper and his family have been very privileged to meet these creatures and study them at close quarters.  The Woodlings just love the Coopers and share all their secrets with them. The Coopers latest discovery are the Snoozles.  These wonderful creatures live high in the trees of the Whispering Forest. Their fur is wonderfully soft and, like the Squirookles, they like to be held.

The Snoozles spend most of their time asleep or, as we call it, snoozing.  Unfortunately, sometimes they fall into a very deep sleep and fall out of the trees, and sometimes onto unsuspecting Woodlings and Fairies.  So, as a precaution, Snoozles wear large bells aroung their necks as a warning to all Whispeing Forest creatures that they may fall on them.

We have had many Snoozles adopted by loving families around the world, which has also helped save the Woodlings.  Most Snoozles are quite small, but occasionally one is born that is above average size and they have to live in holes at the bottom of the trees.
Not far from where the Snoozles live is a set of caves called the Minstrel Caves.  One day during a walk through the Forest, the Coopers found what they thought was a bear skin rug on the floor of one of the caves.  As it turned out, it was not a rug but a Brug – an interesting creature, much sought after because of their amazing fur.

Brugs have developed a remarkable way of hiding ... they lie extremly still and flat, so most people think they are rugs.  I think problems arise when people try to vacuum them – they get quite upset and often frighten the person doing the vacuuming.  By nature, they are gentle creatures and very patient.  You never know if that rug in your house, might just be a Brug hiding A Brug
Funky fairies also live near the Snoozles. They are fairies with attitude.   Most funky fairies are bright coloured. They enjoy adding colour to different things around the Whispering Forest.  They are responsible for most of the amazing flowers that are found throughout the Whispering Forest.

The most amazing latest discovery was made deep in the middle of the Forest, a unicorn called Moonmist